Welcome to the Bare - Schaefer - Kocik Family!

I am part of a large extended family. My immediate family started with my parents, Betty Ann and Bob Bare. I was born first in 1953 and then my brother followed in 1955. My father passed away in 1995 and my brother in 2016. My brother had three children and between the oldest two I have seven great nieces and nephews! I had three children myself and have one grandson and one granddaughter. I also have three stepsons three grandchildren on my husband Dennis' side.

Starting with my mom and dad (the Bare Clan), there's my brother Robert and myself, along with all our various children!

Robert's Clan:

Robert and his wife Maria (Lorente)
Robert and Maria's son Robert James III
Robert's son Ricardo Bare and his wife Angie
Their children Sophia, Soren, Halo, Layla and Michael
Robert's Daughter Christina (Bare) Roberson and her husband Charlie
Their children Matt and Katie

Karen's Clan:

Karen and her husband Dennis Kocik
Karen's son Brandon Bannerman and partner Brittney
His son Wesley and stepson Logan
Karen's son Chris Schaefer and his daughter Savannah
Karen's daughter Trisha Schaefer and partner Scott
Dennis' son Daniel Kocik and partner Sarah
Dennis' son Denny Kocik
Dennis' son Devin Kocik and wife Becky
Their children Christopher, Kaitlyn, and Eric

Our family loves to take vacations together. There are usually about 18 of us from babies to seniors. Our favorite camp out is Duck, North Carolina.

My brother and I grew up overseas mostly although we had a few stints in the US from time to time. We lived in Panama, where he was born, Japan, Philippines, spent some time in Guam, Hong Kong, Hawaii and almost got to go to Argentina I believe!

Our parents met in Lakehurst, New Jersey. My dad was in the Navy, studying to be a meteorologist and my mom lived in Toms River. My dad and his family had lived in Arkansas all their lives up till then.

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